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Why will you vote for Barack Obama?

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video thumbnail   Obama gives us hope
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My generation needs someone we can believe in and who can change things. ... (more)
Time: 00:00:43       Votes: 350       Views: 3562
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video thumbnail   Be Smart. Vote Obama '08
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Regardless of your political persuasion, this is a universally appealing 30 sec clip. Watch a 5 yr old do the Obama countdown. Sh... (more)
Time: 00:00:30       Votes: 3827       Views: 97023
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video thumbnail   Why I Support Barack Obama 2008
Vote up! People talk about why they support Barack Obama for President. See other supporters ... (more)
Time: 00:02:23       Votes: 57       Views: 4986
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A Note On: Hope

Growing up in Alabama, I have always been a Republican. In the last election, I was so distraught by the choices that I didn't even vote. I expected this election year to be no different from 2004, nevertheless I settled into my research on candidates and their political records and backgrounds.

Researching Obama, I just kept digging for something, anything because he seems too good to be true. I found nothing but hope. A new, unexpected sense of hope that I have for the United States that my children will inherit. For the first time since before I was old enought to vote, I can say that if we give this man the opportunity, he will help us change not just our country, but the world for the better!


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A Note On: Italy + Pets

Italy picked up my video, "Pets for Obama," and according to the "links" info, they've viewed it hundreds of times. There is worldwide interest in his campaign, and I believe that Barack would engender a universal respect that the US government has been lacking for some time.

Lynn Holoway
Cape Ann, MA

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A Note On: Alliance

As a Britain who has lived through Blair’s disastrous alliance with Bush, I have a deep commitment to Obama’s candidacy. I believe he will steer US foreign policy onto a more fair-minded track, even if this will not bring the Chomskyan shift that I would like.  
Kaleem Ashraf, UK

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A Note On: France

I am from France. I do not like Americans, at least not american politicians. They think they are above everything, better than the rest of the planet, I don't like their politics.
And then comes Obama.
He makes me like Americans, he makes me like their country. For him, for his message, for his vision and projects in which I believe, I would like to become an American just for an instant, so that I could bring him my vote and my support.
Even from far, I join your movement and I also say: YES WE CAN.

Jacob, France

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A Note On: A New Beginning

08 represents a new beginning and that is what Barack Obama wants to do - change how our country is governed and what we are used to coming from a president. Obama has inspired me to vote this year. I really never payed any antention to politics until now with this election. Barack Obama has a quality like none other - he is what I call a true visionary. That is what we need from our next president: someone with vision and passion for the american people.


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